The house

Large areas

More than 2000 square metres indoor areas for just 40 rooms

Luxury is above all synonym of large spaces for our guests at Santavenere. A place where each guest may freely spend hours in the large living rooms without compromising privacy. The Hotel boasts three large living rooms where guests may stay at any time during the day and at night.

a large house for few guests

Luxury is not only splendour, luxury is space. A relationship between the size of the house and the number of the rooms that is among the best in the world, the awareness of being among the few people experiencing those emotions.


Each view faces the private gulf of Santavenere Hotel

The Basilicata region offers just 32 km of coast in an enchanting landscape. Santavenere lies on 1000 metres, 1 km of beach available for the guests. Being fascinated by the sea, the sunset and the colours offered by Maratea has never been so easy.

staring at the world from your home window

You can’t help but notice how enchanting is the landscape in front of you, from the long way and its curves up to the private balcony of your room.

Relax areas

Small living rooms set up to offer you highest quietness

It is possible to find your own space in the large living rooms in many different ways Spaces set up for group of friends or couples can be found in each of the three living rooms. A warm fireplace in winter or a large window in summertime complete the picture of a dreamlike atmosphere.

relax is at home

Finding your own dimension and enjoying quiet moments offered by Santavenere, this is the holiday you were looking for. Relax and privacy are the two elements characterising us.


Pieces of furnitures dating back to the XVIII and XIX century characterise the indoor areas

Nothing is left to chance, furnishings are an essential part of the welcoming feeling the Hotel wants to offer. Customers are the guests of a house entirely furnished with fine art pieces that give value to the spaces and create a vintage atmosphere. Everything seems to belong to a different period of time, from the common areas to the rooms.

history is all around you

From the pink Maratea tiles to the late XVIII century pieces of furniture, from the embroidered curtains to the Count Rivetti’s collection pieces.